Luminar Gets an Update

MacPhun’s Luminar raw converter got its first (free) update today, to version 1.02. Included in the update were:

  • Touch Bar support for the new MacBook Pro
  • Color Temperature filter improvements
  • Improved opening for raw files
  • Highlights recovery was improved
  • Added the possibility to load a raw file as the new layer
  • Overall speed improvements
  • Crop tool improvements
  • Added F keyboard shortcut to go full screen
  • Lightroom plug-in performance was updated
  • Clone Stamp tool improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Beyond that, MacPhun announced several things about Luminar that are intriguing, to say the least:

  • Another update will happen on December 18th (adding batch processing and some new tools). Additional updates will occur every month or two through 2017.
  • A Windows version—does that negate the Mac or the Phun in the company name ;~)—will be available sometime in 2017.
  • Due to popular demand, MacPhun is going to add Digital Asset Management to Luminar next year so that you won’t need Lightroom or Aperture. 

MacPhun’s announcement

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