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We clearing the warehouse of all the older printed books and CDs, so we're offering some special deals on these items. Please refresh this page in your browser to make sure it is fully up to date, as supplies can change daily.

Hurry, supplies are limited. These prices represent discounts of up to almost US$28 from list prices, and shipping prices have been reduced, too! Once an item is out of stock, it will not be reprinted.

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Book Covers CD only CD + ToGo Guide CD + Printed Book CD + ToGo Guide + Printed Book
Nikon D3, D3s, D3x

US$9.99 + US$5 shipping

US$19.99 + US$5 shipping
Nikon D40, D40x      US$19.99 + US$5 shipping
Nikon D50  US$9.99 + US$5 shipping
Nikon D60     US$19.99 + US$5 shipping
Nikon D80 US$9.99 + US$5 shipping
US$14.99 + US$5 shipping
Nikon D300, D300s     no longer available  
Nikon D700 US$9.99 + US$5 shipping
US$19.99 + US$5 shipping
Nikon D5000       US$24.99 + US$10 shipping
Nikon D5100 US$9.99 + US$5 shipping
Fujifilm S5 Pro US$9.99 + US$5 shipping

CD means PDF file (and any supplemental files) provided on a compact disc. This type of ebook is covered by First Sale practice, which means they retain value and can be transferred to others when you're done with them (assuming you keep NO copies). All eBooks, whether on CD or via download, can be read on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows desktop machines with PDF Readers, and can be read on virtually all iPad, Android Tablet, Nook, and Kindle tablets.

ToGo Guide is a short (80-130 page depending upon camera) printed synopsis of all commands and options with succinct recommendations. All ToGo Guides are designed for field use and are small spiral bound paperbacks.

Printed Book means a high quality black & white printed copy of the ebook file, perfect bound with a sturdy cover. These were printed by the largest printer in the country, who happens to have a facility in my neighborhood. 

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