Recommended Books

Yep, there are a lot of photography books. 115,407 show up in a search on the term "photography" on the site. Obviously you can't buy, let alone read that many. Neither can I. But when I do find a photography book I find good, I put links to it here in the appropriate section of my site. I've divied the photography field into recommended books on:

Initially, this section is a re-work of what had been on, updating a few options and weeding out the out-of-print books. I've got a big pile of new books sitting on the floor of my office I need to go through, and perhaps I'll find another book or two I can recommend from that. Publishers: I'm more than happy to look at any new photography-related book, however I make no promises to review or recommend it. If I feel that it is useful in some meaningful way to my site's many readers, I'll list it in this section of the site. If not, I'll donate the book to my local library.

What you won't find is recommendations for books on cameras. Obviously, such books would be competitive with my Complete Guides and thus it would be strange for me to be recommending any. But more to the point, I don't read them. I create my works from scratch with my own thorough and diligent research, and I don't want to contaminate that (interestingly, I find that authors of some other competitive works do seem to buy mine, though ;~). 

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