by Galen and Barbara Rowell

Noted adventure photographer Galen Rowell was also a prolific writer on topics photographic. Some of his works were compillations of things he wrote for his monthly Outdoor Photographer column, some were more expanded essays, and one, Mountain Light, was the work that launched his more general popular fame. Many of his famous books are still available posthumously. 

I heartily recommend Mountain Light (affiliate link), probably his seminal work. That book not only became the name of his eventual company, but really announced to the world that he had come to grips with what attracted him to the type of photography he liked in the first place. The pictures in the book, including the striking yet simple cover photo, are some of his best work. 

Galen also collected his many Outdoor Photography columns into books of short essays, including The Inner Game of Outdoor Photography (affiliate link) and Galen Rowell's Vision: The Art of Adventure Photography (affiliate link). In each of these books there are gems that deserve to be read and remembered by any photographer. 

Most people didn't realize that Barbara was also a photographer and writer. While she ran the Mountain Light business, she also contributed to the creative aspects of the business, too. Barbara wrote one understated but fascinating book about her small plane adventure circumnavigating South America, Flying South (affiliate link). It's an interesting story, and one that has a number of Galen intersections in it, as while Barbara was flying the continent, Galen was shooting it from the ground and they would connect and do mini-adventures together.  

You can also get most of Galen's works via the Mountain Light Web site itself. Galen's images live on in the Bishop, California gallery, and it's worth a stop if you're in the area. 

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