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Below you'll find some frequently asked questions about Nikon cameras (and some generic camera questions, as well), complete with my answer. 

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SecureDigital or CompactFlash? Which is better and why?

The answer isn't definitive. Camera makers don't like CompactFlash for consumer products for one reason: it involves pins in the camera, and consumers can and do bend and break pins when they attempt to force cards into the camera the wrong way. Pros like CompactFlash cards because they have tended to have higher capacities than Secure Digital cards, though this is becoming less and less the case over time. Personally, I don't really care one way or another, though I do find it easier to lose or misplace the smaller Secure Digital cards than CompactFlash cards. If you buy somewhat behind the technology curve you can find bargains in both CompactFlash and Secure Digital cards, enough so that buying a small handful of new cards is not very painful. 

I'm getting a CHA error message

Should I format in the camera or computer?

I've shot 999+ images but my folder number is still 100. What gives?

Does using a slower card in the second slot slow the buffer clearing?

My mirror is stuck up. Can I fix that?

What does tested to 50,000 shutter actuations mean?

How do I find out how many shutter actuations a camera has?

I'm Offended; Why Do People Call the D3200 Entry Level?

What does frames per second actually mean?

What Lenses are Supported by Auto Distortion Control?

What Picture Control Should I Use?

Why Won't My D3s Tether with Lightroom?

How do I preview a pano before stitching it on a DSLR?

For video do I want 1080 or 720? 24 fps or 30 fps?

I've been asked to shoot a friend's wedding. Which camera should I get?

I use a bubble level. Why aren't my images level?

Why is my viewfinder image out of focus but the picture isn't?

My camera won't operate. All I see is a blinking low battery indicator.

Does VR work while recording video or using Live View?

There's something stuck to my mirror. How should I clean it?

How do I remove an insect I see in my Viewfinder?

Are Nikon Cameras Okay to Use in Rain?

What Cameras Qualify for NPS?

Should I shoot JPEG Small instead of JPEG Large?

Does the white balance setting impact raw files?

What Does "Refurbished" Mean?

What is UniWB?

Why does the green channel go up in a UniWB file?

What is micro contrast?

What's with the dispose of in 10 years symbol on my camera's label?

What's with long exposures using the intervalometer?

Should I cover the logo on my camera with black tape?

Can I get a buffer upgrade for my DSLR?

Why do my JPEG images come out slightly smaller than my raw images?

My camera just stopped focusing. What do I do?

Why shouldn't I just always shoot in Program mode?

How do I set two functions when I only have one button?

If DEET is detrimental to plastic, what should I do?

Has the Nikon firmware been hacked yet?

Which Camera Settings Apply to NEF? To JPEG?

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