D850 Pre-Orders

Updated (below) 

It appears that the usual "two per dealer" initial shipment of cameras is now "one per dealer" with the D850. 

About a week ago I got messages from Nikon NPS to verify my Priority Purchase of a D850, as did a lot of other NPS folk. Apparently NikonUSA was caught off guard with how many NPS PP requests they received, and wanted to verify their count. 

Well, it's been verified. The net result is that every Pro Authorized dealer will get only one camera in the initial shipment (plus whatever some number of the NPS PP units that were ordered through them). Usually, they get two. Thus, from day one the D850 is going to be pretty much a sell-out in the US. It's unclear if other countries have the same problem, but it's certainly possible.

A second batch of Nikon D850's will arrive in the US mid-month, and dealers will get an additional allocation then. 

But what has happened looks like it will be a repeat of the D800 experience: a lot of folk in pre-order lists won't get a camera initially. If NikonUSA also repeats the small allocations they gave the big dealers back at the D800 launch, that means that Adorama, Amazon, and B&H are going to take a long while to get everyone off the list. 

Update: I'm getting reports of dealers who got what must have been NPS units but with no documentation from Nikon as to who they should go to. This is going to cause chaos if widespread. 

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