ACR 8.6 and Lightroom 5.6 Released

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The D810 NEF drought has ended. Or has it?

First, the news. Adobe today released version 8.6 of ACR (for CS6, CC, and CC 2014) and Lightroom 5.6, both of which support the D810. The Panasonic GH4 and FZ1000 are also added as supported cameras in Lightroom, while the Sony RX100III, A7s, and A77II were added to ACR support. Two new Nikkor lens profiles were also added (70-300mm and 28-300mm). 

Note that if you used the beta of ACR 8.6, the Adobe Standard profile for the D810 has been updated and will change your conversion. While Camera Standard and other Camera profiles are present, they do not seem to be properly optimized to me. 

Lightroom gets a number of bug fixes in addition to all the ACR changes.

If you own a standalone version of Lightroom, it should detect the update and offer to download it next time you start the program. The rest of the world has to deal with the nefarious Adobe Updaters. Once again the CC updater appeared to have problems on my system. At one point, the old updater popped up its head, too, even though I thought I had ridded the system of all traces of it. Suggestion: reboot and immediately go to the CC updater without any other programs running.

So the two-week-old problem of D810 workflow now seems to be coming to an end. Or has it? While Adobe Standard profile seems to be the usual Adobe optimization for Nikon NEFs (i.e., still needs a bit of tweaking to get things right), the Camera Standard (and other Camera) profile seems to have issues. So I’m doubting that ACR is completely optimized for the D810 at this point. I hope that we see those profiles improve in the next update.

Note: other converters that understand D810 files are the Mac-only Iridient Developer and AccuRaw.  

Update: Adobe Germany posted a note about ACR compatibility. The final line of which is “In the future, Nikon intends to collaborate with Adobe and other companies in the industry to realize its target - higher quality images, improved ease of use and increased benefits for end users.” (Actual wording: In der Zukunft beabsichtigt Nikon, mit Adobe und anderen Unternehmen der Branche zusammenzuarbeiten, um sein Ziel - Bilder mit höherer Qualität, besserem Komfort und erhöhtem Nutzen für Endbenutzer - zu verwirklichen.”)

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