Adobe Updates Include Lightroom Mobile

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Lightroom 5.4 has been released by Adobe. This release includes support for Fujifilm X-T1, Nikon V3, Coolpix P340, D3300, D4s, Olympus E-M10, and Sony a5000 and a6000 cameras. In addition, Adobe now supports color matching profiles for all the Fujifilm cameras (e.g. Provide, Velvia, Astia, etc.). Numerous new lens correction modules have been added, too, with a special emphasis on Sony lenses.

Adobe also lists 21 specific bug fixes in version 5.4 as well.

Adobe Converter Raw also was updated to version 8.4 for both Photoshop CS6 and CC customers with the same new camera and lens support. 

Along with the Lightroom and ACR updates, Adobe announced a new member of the family: Lightroom Mobile. Currently only available for iPad (coming for iPhone and probably Android), Lightroom Mobile syncs with Lightroom 5.4 in ways that allows you to edit and organize your catalog and images on tablets as well as computers. Lightroom Mobile is only available via Creative Cloud, though, and has been added to the US$9.99/month Photoshop/Lightroom CC subscription plan. If your subscription plan lapses, your access to Lightroom Mobile ends. Lightroom Mobile currently requires an iPad 2 or later running iOS7. 

This initial version of Lightroom Mobile has a limited set of features and is currently optimized for dealing with Smart Previews made with your computer using Lightroom 5.4. These Smart Previews are transferred to Lightroom Mobile via the Creative Cloud infrastructure, though none of the images or image data passed back and forth this way will count against the 20GB of cloud storage you got with your CC subscription. You can bring original JPEG files directly into Lightroom Mobile, edit them, and sync them back to your desktop via the cloud, but the memory in most iPads will likely limit what you can do. 

Meanwhile, Adobe seems to be pushing their volume license customers to CC. Many have received emails indicating that CS6 will no longer be licensed under Adobe’s TLP and CLP programs. 

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