August Software Updates

GraphicConverter 9.3 (Macintosh) gets bug fixes plus some interesting new features, including the ability to simulate color blindness, lens correction and edge effects, the ability to edit the aperture in EXIF data (;~), and speed optimizations.

A new image editing program called Ormr (Macintosh/Windows, US$25) has popped up in beta form. Ormr works with both raster (bitmaps) and vector graphics and is totally non-destructive (every action you perform can be undone, including brushes). It runs in 16-bit mode for everything, understands most raw files, and can import PDS files (including layers, groups, and masks). 

DxO Optics Pro 9.5.2 is updated to support the Nikon D810, fixes some minor bugs, and adds almost 900 new lens/camera corrections.

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