Nikon Updates Capture NX-D and View NX2

Nikon has updated Capture NX-D to version 1.0.3 with quite a few bug fixes, most of which all seem like someone reworking the plumbing routing the way it should have been in the first place (e.g. “when X was changed, Y didn’t”). 

There still seem to be a number of “anomalies” in the program, though. Some bugs reported to me by users don’t seem to be fixed yet. Which brings me to yet another of my Customer Service complaints: exactly where does a Capture NX-D user report a bug? Yes, I know, open a customer support conversation on your region’s subsidiary site. 

Ugh. We already know involving Nikon support at the local level works terribly for this. Even when I had a more direct conduit into the highest level of Nikon support (now gone), more often than not I’d get a “no, that’s not a bug” type of denial, with claims that I was doing something wrong. The few things that did get through all then have to go through the “subsidiary filter,” which is woefully inefficient: (a) the subsidiary has to agree this is a problem (e.g. must be able to repeat it); (b) the subsidiary has to translate the problem into Japanese; (c) corporate has to correctly interpret the translation; (d) corporate has to agree this is a problem (e.g. must be able to repeat it). The “repeat it” problem is really onerous, because Nikon clearly doesn’t have every Mac/PC/OS combo available. Indeed, I suspect that they have a very small subset in their testing. 

If Nikon is going to be a global company, it needs to start acting globally. That means a central mechanism to report problems, with an organization behind it that’s responsive. Neither is true today. 

Oh, what about the update to View NX2 version 2.10.2? The Coolpix S6900 is now supported, and sidecar files are correctly moved/copied/deleted within ViewNX2 when you deal with the image file itself in those manners. 

Update: Yep. Same old bugs and issues with Capture NX-D. On my MacBook Pro, the “Welcome” program that actually launches the installer (?!?) doesn’t update its icon on first load and hangs the system. Consistent issue on my MacBook Pro, but not on my desktop Mac Pro. Simple issues, like the grayed out About Capture NX-D, are still there. You’ll get the Picture Control Utility icon on your dock whether you want it there or not. And I can still trigger catastrophic crashes. This product has all the polish of a wood dock that’s been left untreated in salt water. 

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