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It’s that time of the year. With all the recent camera intros, we tend to have the converter and broad digital software packages all have to update, and they often use this time to sneak in features. 

Capture One 9.1 (Mac and Windows) — PhaseOne refers to “workflow accelerators” in the new release. Congratulations to their marketing department for finding an overly compelling name to “incremental feature creep.” These new features include an expanded uniformity slider, a PhaseOne replacement for Canon’s slightly shaky tethered camera driver, rotatable live view during tethering, additional keyboard shortcuts, better library performance, the ability to restrict export of particular keywords (as opposed to the long available export-on-keyword), and the ability to recognize alpha channels and layers in imported TIFF files. New camera support includes the Sony A6300, as well a few other new models. But it does not include the Canon 80D, 1DxII or Nikon D5, D500, yet. 

Lightroom CC 2015.5 and 6.5 (Mac and Windows) —Bugs were fixed in Panorama Merge (yeah, love those new buggy features, Adobe ;~), as well as 20 other bugs (actually, probably more, as Adobe lists “fixed a ton of sync errors”). New camera support includes Canon 1DxII, 80D, 1300D, Nikon D5, D500, Olympus Pen-F, Panasonic GF8, ZS100, Samsung NX3300, and Sony A6300. Four new Nikkor lens profiles were added, including significantly the new 24-70mm f/2.8. 

Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 (Mac and Windows) — The Creative Cloud version of ACR (Photoshop CC and Bridge CC use them) got a UI update “designed to align with Photoshop CC and Bridge.” Uh, okay, so the window is now the same color as your Photoshop CC scheme and the icons smaller. Unfortunately, some of the terrible UI mistakes in ACR remain, including the hidden “button” in the text at the bottom of the screen. Six bug fixes are listed, and the new camera support is the same as for Lightroom, above.

DxO OpticsPro 2.5.13 (Mac and Windows) — adds support for Canon G5x, G9x, EOS M10, Leica Q, SL, and Sony RX1RII. 

FastRawViewer 1.3 (Mac and Windows) — Adds a grid viewing mode (used to have only a filmstrip viewing mode), adds better support for multiple file selection/operations, adds some Undo functions, adds a Highlights Inspection mode, adds a “sharpen for display” function, and has the tone curves reworked. Compatibility with ACR has improved, and a number of other performance and control improvements have been added. Support for the Fujifilm X-Pro2, Leica M Type 262, X-U Type 113, Olympus Pen-F, Panasonic TZ100, and Sony A6300 has been added. Note that this is a release candidate version, not a final version.

Nikon Capture NX-D 1.4.0 (Mac and Windows — Adds Nikon D5 support, added Retouch Brush tool, restored D1x raw default option, added Medium/Small NEF sizes, increased default image quality for JPEG conversions, added a Color Space for reproductions, fixed six issues, added OS-X 10.11.3 support but discontinued support for OS X 10.8.

Nikon View NX-i 1.2.0 (Mac and Windows) — Adds D5 support, added a NEF menu to Preferences, added Medium/Small NEF sizes, adjustment sliders now always show scales and default values, added OS-X 10.11.3 support but discontinued support for OS X 10.8.

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