May Software Updates

Reminder: this is a living page and is updated as new items are introduced or updated during the month of May.

Apple has updated Digital Camera RAW 6.04 to add support for all the new Canon cameras that have been announced or launched, plus the Nikon 1 S2 and Nikon D7200, Olympus E-M5II, and Panasonic GF7. But here’s the big news: starting with this release, only OS-X 10.10 (Yosemite) gets these updates. For Mac users who are still on Snow Leopard or Mavericks, new camera support is no longer being provided by Apple. Frankly, I find this highly objectionable; Apple’s being too aggressive about deprecating older OS versions now. The same problem occurs with many of their other applications, as well (e.g. Numbers, Pages, Keynote, etc.). Given that most of us in the Mac world believe that Yosemite has been a bit shaky in reliability and not exactly bug free, Apple’s aggressive approach to deprecating is not at all appreciated. I didn’t move my main system to Yosemite until last week, for instance, and even then I hesitated. 

Iridient Raw Developer (Mac only) reaches version 3.0.2 with improvements to the noise reduction method, improvements for Canon RAW images, and the addition of a number of new camera models, including the Nikon 1 J5. 

Nikon updated Camera Control Pro 2 to version 2.22.0, which now provides full support of the Nikon V3 mirrorless camera for both camera settings as well as tethered shooting. One additional feature was added to support “best moment capture,” a unique feature to the Nikon 1 cameras, including the V3. The Windows Codec and Distortion Correction tables were also updated (see main Nikon software page for details).

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