Software Updates April

AccuRaw (Macintosh App Store) was updated to version 2.3.2 to support Nikon D5500, D7100, Olympus E-M5II, and Panasonic GF7. An earlier update in the month added Sony A7II, E-PL7, and various recent Leica and Samsung raw support.

PhotoSweeper (Macintosh App Store) was updated in a bug fix to version 2.0.3.

Fotomagico (Macintosh App Store) was updated to version 4.5.5 with lots of small fixes.

DxO Optics Pro 10.4 adds support for Nikon D7200 and OM-D E-M5II cameras. 

Pixelmator 3.2.2 (Macintosh App Store) added support for the Force Touch Trackpad and introduced a new version of the Repair tool.

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