Affinity Photo 1.5 Ships for Windows and Macintosh

As promised, Serif has introduced their Photoshop clone, Affinity Photo, for Windows as well as Macintosh. 

Affinity Photo 1.5 is a big update for Macs, new for Windows. It adds:

  • HDR merging in 32-bit with automatic alignment
  • 360° image editing
  • Macro recording and playback, including user interaction (ala Actions)
  • Tone mapping
  • Focus stacking with automatic alignment
  • Batch processing, including use of macros within the job
  • New filters, including Halftoning
  • Shared history between Mac and Windows versions
  • New camera and lens profiles

Along with all that, PSD and PDF compatibly has been improved, metadata handling has been improved, there’s a new equations filter, two new resizing algorithms are included, brushes can now “accumulate” to build opacity, additional marquee selection tools have been added, plus improved plug-in support and an improved Vectorscope.

Yes, a BIG update, and free for current Macintosh 1.0 users. For a limited time, new purchases are US$40 (US$10 off regular price) for both the Macintosh and Windows versions.

Serif’s page describing the new features

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