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On1 Photo Raw 2018.1

Before I get to what it is, let's have a discussion about where we are. 

Many, many people complain about paying Adobe US$10/month for the Lightroom/Photoshop CC bundle. Now we have players like On1—they're not the only ones—who are doing what amounts to once-a-year subscriptions. If you don't act quickly and use the NEW1018.1 coupon to get their new version for US$80, you'll pay US$120. Wait, isn't that the same as Adobe?

Moreover, I don't pay US$120/year to Adobe. Every Christmas I watch carefully for discounts. This year Amazon had that one-day download event where you could get the CC package for well less than US$100. So far I'm averaging about US$85/year. Wait, isn't that about the same as On1? ;~)

Look: if you want more performance, additional features, to keep up with the latest and greatest cameras that drop, the software companies have to hire engineers to do work. It's not free to improve software. As I've written many times in the course of about 40 years of covering digital products—computers and cameras mostly—the real cost is generally not the hardware, unless you over-indulge in updating too often. The real cost is in your time and in keeping software up to date.

So what's Photo Raw 2018.1 going to add to 2017.7 (the last version)?

  • A new fast HDR module
  • Virtual copies (versions)
  • Mask density adjustment, mast edge feathering, luminosity mask changes
  • Import
  • Canon/Nikon tethered shooting
  • Metadata templating
  • Soft proofing
  • On1 Photo for Mobile

And a host of other additions. If you want to see the full list, click here and then click on the See More link on that page.

On1 is trying to build Photo RAW into a Lightroom replacement. They're getting closer and closer on feature parity. Want them to get closer? That's right, you're probably going to be buying Photo RAW 2019.1 in about a year. 

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