2017-2018 Digital Photography Software News

RawDigger Update

RawDigger has been updated to version 1.2.12. Changes include updating to the latest version of Exiftool (10.23), support for user-defined cameras, Canon G7xII and Fujifilm X-T2 support, and bug fixes.

RawDigger Web Site

Lightroom Makes it to TV

Adobe announced Lightroom for Apple TV today. This is an Apple TV app that connects with your synced collections and allows slide shows, filmstrip view, or just stepping through your individual images. The app is free  from the App Store, but you’ll need a Creative Cloud subscription to use it with Lightroom. Also, the app only works on the latest, fourth generation Apple TV.

Meanwhile, Lightroom itself has updated to version CC 2015.6.1 and Lightroom 6.6.1. This is mostly a bug fix release, including one to fix colors when printed (see previous blog post). But Adobe was able to add support for the Fujifilm X-T2.

FoCal 2.1 Supports D5/D500

FoCal 2.1 is now available, and this automated camera calibration tool now supports the D5 and D500 models in addition to earlier Nikon DSLRs. Other changes include support for the D810A, a new and faster dust analysis test, more settings control for the automatic testing, and some changes to the Canon DSLR support, as well. 

Those who bought in the past year get this release for free. If you purchased FoCal earlier than that you’ll need to a new 12-month update period. FoCal works on Macs (Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan) and Windows (7, 8, and 10). 

FoCal Web site

Camera Raw 9.6.1 Appears

Adobe did a quick update of Camera Raw 9.6.1 to fix two issues (uncompressed DNGs converted from RAF weren’t read, and problems creating panos from HDR DNG sources). They snuck in one new camera to the support list: Fujifilm X-T2.

CC 2015.5 Has Printing Problems

Adobe has acknowledged that the recent update to Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC broke the product’s color handling during printing. You can read the full story on Luminous Landscape (free article, not behind the pay wall).

Affinity Still on Sale and...

Normally I wouldn’t post what clearly is a marketing ploy, but in this case it’s a significant one that may have implications for some of you. 

Affinity Photo is still on sale (until July 21st), but Macintosh users can buy the current version and get what is promised as version 1.5 update for free, scheduled for “autumn." That update appears to be significant: 32-bit HDR merges, a new tone mapping workspace, focus stacking support, batch processing, and the addition of macros in the product (similar to Photoshop’s Actions). See the new features here.

Meanwhile, Windows users don’t need to be jealous much longer. Affinity Designer is currently in a free public beta, and Affinity Photo is expected to join that soon. Sign up to be a beta tester here.

Affinity Photo on Sale

This Mac-only Photoshop clone just turned one year old, and in celebration of that anniversary the program is on sale for the next two weeks. You’ll be able to get the program for about 20% off the regular price (e.g. US$39.99 instead of US$49.99). 

Affinity Photo App Store page

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