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MacPhun Introduces AuroraHDR 2018

Hey, it's 2018 already!

I'm not a big fan of these pre-announce the announcement announcements, particularly for software, but here we go:

bythom aurora hdr 2018

Aurora HDR is getting a big update late this month (September 28th is the planned date). Labeled Aurora HDR 2018 the big news is that there will now be both Macintosh and Windows versions of the product. But the product is pretty much completely reworked in the way it maps tones and does its basic work. Additional new features include:

  • Lens correction tool (linear distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting)
  • Transform tool (scale, rotate, shift)
  • Dodge and burn filter
  • History panel
  • Redeveloped Structure tool

In addition, the program has been improved in the way it handles raw data, the speed at which it works, and even been given a cleanup to the user interface. MacBook Pro users will get Touch Bar support.

One thing to note: the Windows version, on launch later this month, won't have all the tools and features of the Macintosh version, but MacPhun is promising that they'll be added "by the end of the year."

If you're into the pre-order thing with software, you can get a US$10 discount from the new pricing (US$59 for upgrades, US$99 for new users), plus you'll get some source files plus two tutorials. 

Click here to go to MacPhun's Web site.

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