2017-2018 Digital Photography Software News

Adobe Updates

At Adobe Max, Adobe's conference for creatives, new versions of the photography bundle products were announced:

  • Photoshop CC version 20.0 — Content-Aware Fill has been reworked with new abilities and the ability to choose source pixels; Undo now steps backward (no awkward Option/Alt key necessary, though you can get that back if you want it); Blend modes now show live previews; UI size change ability; numerous small things like auto commits, double-click to edit text, proportional transforms are now the default, lock workspace, math allowed in numeric fields)
  • Adobe Camera Raw version 11.0 — Includes support for the Canon EOS R, Fujifilm X-T3, Nikon Z7, and Panasonic LX100 II; also includes new integrated HDR/pano ability
  • Lightroom CC Classic version 8.0 — New integrated HDR/pano ability allows a single step for both items together; depth range masking for cameras that can create depth masks (e.g. iPhone); faster tethering for Canon cameras; HEVC file support (macOS); Process Version 5 (improves quality of high ISO shots by removing purple cast, shows less noise when using Dehaze with negative values). 
  • Bridge CC 9.0 — UI now conformed to other CC app styles; centralized Bridge cache in multiuser environments; Edit of Capture Time now allowed; Cut/Copy/Paste integration with the OS; a number of minor changes and improvements

All these versions are available to download immediately.

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