2017-2018 Digital Photography Software News

Latest Adobe Updates

Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and ACR all got an update last week. New camera support includes the Canon G1 X III, Leica CL, Panasonic G9, and Sony A7R III. Classic CC also added support for Nikon D850 tethering. 

Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC both added a new Auto Tone feature, which uses Adobe Sensei to analyze the scene and now do more than just changing tonality. In early tests, it seems to do a more reasonable job than Auto used to do, though it still doesn't render the way I'd adjust an image. Lightroom Classic CC also got a way to remove a color sample in the new Range Mask feature.

Lightroom CC on the desktop added the Tone Curve, Split Toning, and a Full Screen mode. You can also now change an image's capture time. Lightroom CC for iOS now allows watermarking on export and improved HDR capture. Lightroom CC for Android gets new app shortcuts and more control over managing storage.

That only leaves Lightroom 6.1, the promised last update for the standalone version. That version will be the final standalone release and should be out on December 19th.

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