Capture One Pro 10

This new version of Phase One’s image browsing and conversion program adds several new tools as well as compatibility with more new cameras and lenses. An “under-the-hood tuning” has increased performance of browsing, zooming, scrolling, and magnified views.

New features include:

  • New three-step sharpening tool (counters diffraction effects, reduces halos, allows local sharpening, output sharpening)
  • Output proofing
  • Folder movement and merging within a catalog
  • Filter by image orientation
  • Auto Mask has been extended to include Fujifilm X-Trans, mRAW and sRAW formats
  • Canon and Nikon mRAW and sRAW images now allow the full feature set to be used
  • Focus tool for Sony and Phase One tethered shooting
  • Compatibility with Tangent editing products
  • Apple Script compatibility has been extended to allow automation routines to target meta data

The new program is US$299, or a US$99 upgrade for version 8 or 9 users (free if you bought version 9 after November 1st). 

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