How Did Nikon Fix Transfer for macOS Sierra?

Oh dear.

As many of you D500 owners discovered, Transfer 2, the free ingest program that Nikon supplies with View NX-i, garbled raw files being transferred. Nikon's solution in the latest version of View NX-i and Transfer 2 is this:

"Removable Disk (including memory cards inserted in card readers or card slots) cannot currently be selected as a source in macOS Sierra 10.12 or later. Pictures can be copied from memory cards to your computer using a camera that supports PTP, or you can use the Finder or Image Capture on your computer."

Great solution, Nikon: tell the user they can't use your product any more because you haven't got your head out of your butt when it comes to software. Oh, and by the way Nikon, where is the list of cameras that support PTP? ;~)

I stopped recommending Nikon software a couple of years ago, and even took my book on Nikon software off the market as part of that decision. 

Simply put, Nikon software can no longer be assumed to continue to work as expected across any OS update, particularly on the Macintosh side. This baffles the hell out of me. At the moment, for example, Apple has provided five betas to developers for the next version of macOS Sierra. This is pretty typical. What that means is that Nikon is not testing Apple betas against Nikon software, let alone working to fix any issues that arise during the beta process. 

The management at Nikon has completely lost the thread, it seems. What's the point of putting removable media into cameras if you're not going to support that correctly downstream? And oh, by the way, how come none of the other ingest software products have this problem? 

I thought I was clear on this before, but I find that I have to be unbelievably blunt now: Nikon should clear the decks on the software side—and I'm not sure firmware shouldn't be in that purge, too—and either build and fund a proper software team or get out of the business. Nikon products are beginning to no longer work as expected. And then you wonder why you don't sell as many?

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