Let’s Announce a Beta

I never quite know what to do with this sort of announcement. I really hate the “we’re announcing our new product today” when what they’re really announcing is that a beta will be available to the public later this week, and a final version available at some indefinite date in the future (though often an unrealistic one in terms of fixing bugs found in beta).

Okay, with that out of the way…

On1 Photo RAW just got a 2018 to tag along behind it’s name (e.g. On1 Photo RAW 2018).  (Still no explanation for why RAW is all capitals ;~)

What’s new? A lot:

  • HDR creation, claimed to be 7x faster than other HDR apps
  • Pano stitching
  • Versions (ala Lightroom), where multiple conversions can exist for a single image file
  • Paint with Color Brush
  • Blur and Chisel Mask Tools
  • Add or Remove noise

All with the usual UI updates/changes, tweaking of many tools, and additional camera and lens support. This appears to be a big update.

The bad news? This is a for-fee update. Users of former OnOne products can update for US$79.99 if they pre-order (US$99.99 otherwise), while new users pay US$119.99. The beta is supposed to be available on Friday, October 6th, and the final version by the end of October. 

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