Lightroom Classic CC Speeds Up

Adobe posted Lightroom Classic CC 7.2 today, an update that attempts to improve performance of the venerable browser/converter/do all program. Import is faster. Previews render faster. Export is faster. Panoramas and HDRs are created faster. The Develop module makes adjustments faster.

More importantly, some were complaining about Lightroom slowing down as their databases grew over time. This, too, has been addressed according to Adobe.

Machines with multiple CPU cores and GPUs should benefit the most, but you'll need 12GB of RAM to fully benefit. It's impossible to describe what performance change you'll see, as Adobe points out that much of what they have done scales with abilities of the machine Lightroom is running on. Run it on a memory constrained machine with integrated graphics and a dual core CPU and you'll see a different result than with 16GB, GPU, and quad core. 

That has long been a complaint from many of us, actually: buying better and more technology-enabled machines didn't really speed up Lightroom. Now it does.

There's also a new Search Folders ability, the ability to mark a folder as a favorite, filter the library on edited versus unedited images, you can create collections from folders, create collections from map pins, and there's new camera support for the Fujifilm X-A5, X-20, and Panasonic GF90 and GH5s.

Adobe Converter Raw (ACR) 10.2 also updates with the new camera support. 

As always, you should find the new CC updates in your Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager. 

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