Luminar 2018 Jupiter

Skylum software has made a free, major update to the Luminar 2018 product, named Jupiter. That makes the full name Skylum Luminar Jupiter. Yeah, that seems like a photography oriented product ;~). 

Overall, speed has been improved throughout the product, with Skylum claiming 3x to 25x speed changes for different aspects of the product (3x faster image import, 25x on responsiveness of some sliders, etc.). The underlying demosaic has been changed to provide “better color and less noise.” There’s now an automatic lens distortion removal feature, as well as a new chromatic aberration removal option. DCP profiles are now supported.

All of the above plus stability improvements, bug fixes, and additional camera support. The Windows version now has key-feature parity with the Macintosh version, adding batch processing, free transform, flip, and rotate.

The update is free for Luminar 2018 owners. If you own Luminar 2017 you can upgrade for US$49 (though look around the Web for various US$10 off coupon codes). New users can purchase the product for US$69. 

Luminar 2018 Jupiter Web page

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