ON1 Photo Raw Pre-Release

ON1 released a “pre-release” version of Photo RAW just in time for Thanksgiving. Those that pre-ordered it can find the download in their orders section when they log into the ON1 Web site. The Photo RAW standalone converter allows non-destructive editing of raw files for most cameras.

Apparently ON1 didn’t quite meet their original goal of a complete release in November, so they’re offering a staged release. Today many of you can get the Pre-Release version, which has most of the features and performance of the expected final version. 

A final version is now scheduled for December 19th, and will add improved brush quality, some bug fixes and performance enhancements, support for even more cameras, plus adds five features that aren’t in the Pre-Release: importing from ON1 Effects, the crop tool, the navigator/loupe/histogram panes, reading compressed Fujifilm raw files, and a Photoshop extension panel.

ON1 has 17 additional features scheduled for 2017, to be rolled out every four to six weeks.

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