Adobe Miscues, Volume XXIV


I'm getting a lot of emails about people trying to update to Lightroom 5 and having troubles of various sorts. 

Let's start with one simple one: if you bought Lightroom through the App Store, there's no real upgrade path (update: there is, but not through the App Store; you have to order the update from Adobe themselves or a boxed version from a store like B&H). This is an Apple problem. Basically Apple doesn't have a "for money" upgrade option for App Store developers, so developers have to pull their old version and put up a new version, which, of course, will be at the full price.

Meanwhile I'm getting multiple "I tried to order the update through Adobe's site but failed" emails. Of the ones that fail, when they finally get through to a live person at Adobe's end, Adobe always seems to attempt to upsell to Creative Cloud. While I understand why they're pushing the up-sell so much, they're getting real customers pissed off with this: the reason the customer called was to get a problem fixed (site wouldn't take upgrade order), not to be immediately given the hard sell. Fix the problem first, then offer a deal on an upsell. (As taught in most MBA programs.) 

Plus, the tracking cookies on Adobe's site are causing their share of issues. If you've clicked on the "Student and teacher pricing" link at any time, you'll be given only education options from that point on, at least until you click on the "Not a student or teacher?" link option to restore your cookies to "mere mortal." 

I'm considering writing "The How to Deal With Adobe Book for Digital Photographers." Think that would outsell Kelby? ;~)

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