Latest Software Updates


Several products of interest to Nikon users got updates:

  • RawDigger v. 0.9.19 — If you've had your Bayer filter scraped clean to give you a monochrome camera, the new "export RAW as grayscale TIFF" feature will definitely interest you. Support for a number of recent cameras has been added, too (no new Nikon ones, though, as there hasn't been any significant new Nikon camera for a while ;~). RawDigger Web Site
  • DxO Optics Pro 8.3.1 — Support for new cameras, plus an additional 490 new camera/lens combinations (three new Sigma lenses supported with various Nikon DSLRs). DxO Web Site
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 — The big news here is the addition of 64-bit support, which  coupled with better memory management allows for opening more files, larger files, and rendering them faster. Support for Photoshop 64-bit plug-ins is also now built in. Two new selection tools (Smart Brush, Auto Selection) were added, as were the Perfectly Clear and FaceFilter3 plug-ins, and the UI has been tweaked a bit, as well. Corel Paint Shop Pro Web page

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