More Software Updates


Darktable gets an update to version 1.2.3. This free, open-source photo editor adds support for several new cameras (RX100II, E-P5, 70D), increases the size of the cache it can use, and adds additional guides for cropping and rotating. Darktable is available for Mac and Linux. Darktable Web site

Acorn is one of the top Mac-only image editors, and version 4.1.1 has now added dragging multiple images from the Finder to the canvas or to the layers list. There are changes to how overlapping shapes are handled, and some updates that fix filters for the upcoming new OS-X 10.9. Acorn Web site

SimpleImage is a browsing and cataloging program for the Mac. Version 6.04 incorporates some UI improvements, support for Apple Remote, additional video and audio information, and slideshow history. SimpleImage Web site

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