RawDigger Leaves Beta


RawDigger has now reached 1.0 status and officially a product. Three versions (Windows and Macintosh) are available:

  • Exposure Edition — US$19.99. The version most shooters would be interested in.
  • Research Edition — US$39.99. Intended for those doing sensor evaluation and statistical analysis.
  • Profile Edition — US$89.99. Intended for those that need to perform sensor calibration or create a device profile.

Until the end of the year, licenses are 33% off the prices listed above. 

RawDigger is an interesting product for those trying to figure out how their camera really records raw data. It supports nearly all cameras that can shoot in raw format, and new camera support is usually available shortly after the camera becomes available. 

What can you do with RawDigger? Lots, as it turns out. But probably the two most useful things are seeing exactly when you’ve hit saturation in any channel, and what areas of the photo are impacted by that, and the ability to sort of reverse engineer your camera. By that I mean doing tests to see when the Highlights function kicks in on your camera, or how your camera’s exposure meter corresponds to the actual capture itself. You can even use RawDigger to check for color neutrality in your filters.

No doubt it’s a nerdy bit of software and not for everyone. But if you wonder how folk like me get deep information about how our gear works, it’s with products such as RawDigger. 

(Disclosure: one of my Internet buddies who I’ve long corresponded with on sensor issues, Iliah Borg, is associated with this product.) 

RawDigger Web site

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