Surprise, You're a Creative Cloud User

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My Adobe Update Manager on two systems today showed an update available for my CS6 installation. Now here's the interesting part: one system just installed it, the other popped up with an update to Adobe Update Manager which now identifies itself as...yes, you guessed it, Creative Cloud.

Since this is likely to surprise a bunch of you folk installing updates in the future, let's explore what happens. First, you have to sign in with your Adobe Account ID. However, before you can go any further, you now have to enter your birthdate and agree to two new license agreements. After you do, you get a new update manager labeled Creative Cloud that contains your CS6 application status.


From there, note the status to the right of the product name: if it has an update available, you'll see it there. Things proceed pretty much as before once you get that far. 

Some will decry that the program installs a stub that installs at boot and sets up messaging (e.g. Macintosh notifications) automatically, without asking you for permission. I don't have a big problem with that, though it is one of those "transparency" issues that Adobe and others seem to continue skirting and could exploit in the future.

Perhaps I missed it, but this seems like another Adobe blunder on their steps towards their cloudy future. When the Cloud prompts and dialogs suddenly popped up for a CS6 installation, it felt intrusive and pushy, and I wondered whether the hard sell was coming. Had Adobe notified CS6 users (you have my email folks, it's part of the account registration process) that the Update Manager was changing to the Cloud version but that this was mostly just unifying their update system, not some new effort to force me to pay for the cloud version (something they continue to do with virtually everyone that contacts Adobe trying to purchase CS6, by the way), I would have felt a lot better about this change.

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