An Update on Two D500 Problems

Sorry to report, but replacement cards from Lexar don’t seem to fix the problem of getting an occasional bad card message from the camera on image review. I now have multiple instances reported where a replacement card at first seemed to work, but eventually triggered the same error. Meanwhile, I’m now starting to get similar reports on Transcend cards. Anyone that has Delkin, Integral, SanDisk, Sony, or Toshiba UHS-II cards that have triggered the problem, I’d love to hear from you. 

And yet some Lexar UHS-II 1000x and 200x cards seem to work fine. I’ve got two (out of four) that have never reported an error, though I’m not sure I’ve shot enough with them to completely rule out that it’ll ever show up. I also have several friends shooting D500’s that also report no issues with their Lexar 1000x and 2000x cards. 

And I’m more sorry to report that the “won’t power off error” almost certainly is real, and also highly intermittent. The symptom here is that the camera power switch is off,  but the top LCD is active while the viewfinder display is not. The camera is locked up at that point and won’t take a photo (even when the power switch is turned back on). The only solution is the old DBS (dead battery symptom) solution: remove the battery and put it back in. 

At this point no one has discovered a sequence that will trigger the won’t power off problem, and only a handful have encountered it (I’ve received eight nine ten sixteen reports and counting, including two from what have been in the past very reliable sources).

Any response from Nikon on these problems is going to take the time for reports to get back to Japan, be translated, get looked at, get verified, and then a solution created. I wouldn’t expect any quick fix. At this point, I do expect a fix. But intermittent problems are especially difficult to pin down. 

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