Another D500 Issue

I’ve now received multiple reports of the date and time stamp not matching between the Time Zone and Date and Time settings in the Time Zone and Date menu settings on a D500.

I had noticed this myself when I first set up my D500, but running through the full date and time setup seemed to fix it, so I ignored the problem. But it appears now that multiple people are seeing this problem after setting time and date. If you’ve seen this issue, please let me know, and also tell me whether you’ve connected to any mobile device or not.

I’ve also had another unusual report of a problem, not yet replicated: the camera giving an audible battery low message with Beep turned off. Moreover, Battery Info on the camera was at 62%!

And then there’s this: now that I have a card that can replicate the “This memory card cannot be used” message reliably, I’ve noticed something interesting: at times I can actually get an image to appear on replay and then almost immediately the camera steps in and gives the message. At other times you don’t get a brief image display, the camera just dumps to the error message.

But that’s not all. I can trigger the problem much more reliably by invoking things that require power just prior to hitting image review. I have to believe there almost certainly is a power aspect to this problem.

As you might notice, I’m being proactive in trying to dig up these issues, so please keep your emails coming as you discover things about your D500. You’d think that Nikon would be highly proactive after hearing of all these minor—and yes they’re minor, though annoying—issues. 

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