Automatic AF Fine Tune

March 25th
Where is the Automatic AF Fine Tune? The D5 manual barely mentions AF Fine Tune (at least the English for the Americas version, read on), and it doesn’t mention Automatic AF Fine Tune. Turns out that the information you need is in the Menu Guide, although it is very brief.  

Okay, to use the feature, with your camera on a tripod and a good target to focus on, do this: 

  1. Select maximum aperture on your lens (e.g. Aperture priority, wide open).
  2. Select Still Live View (press the button to activate, with icon on still camera).
  3. Select Single Servo autofocus (AF S).
  4. Set the Live View AF-Area mode to Normal-area (Normal). 
  5. Select the center focus point.
  6. Focus the camera as you normally would in Live View on your target. Update: it appears that Nikon is finessing the 80-400mm issue I mentioned. Their response is to just focus manually in live view to get the right focus point, then continue with the following steps.
  7. Press and hold (for two seconds) the AF Mode button (front of camera) and red Video record button simultaneously.
  8. Follow the instructions that are displayed.

Thanks to Michael Tapes (of LensAlign fame) for helping find this.

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