D500 Firmware Bugs


So Nikon, if you’re paying attention, here’s some things to fix: 


CSM #F10 has an indicator problem with the AF-ON Button menu option. No matter what you set, the display in the menu will always be --, giving you no indication of what is actually set, and making you wonder if the camera actually set something. 

The rest of the menu options in CSM #F10 show us the icon for what is set, as does the CSM #F1 function for the AF-ON Button. So it’s specifically AF-ON Button menu option for the MB-D17 that’s a problem here. 

I’ve noticed some other anomalies in the menus, too. And as I get into trying to describe them in my upcoming book and can verify the anomaly, I’ll report them here. 

Fortunately, this flaw is nothing other than failing to provide adequate feedback. I’ve been able to verify that using the sub-options in CSM #F10 do work as intended, it’s just that one of them will never highlight what you set, forcing you down a level in the menus to see what’s set.


Help for CSM #C1 refers to “focus locking” instead of “exposure locking.” 


Anyone gotten focus trap to work? CSM #A2 set to Focus appears to let the camera fire whether in or out of focus with CSM #A8 set to AF-On. 

Doh! You just set the further setting in #A8 to enable trap focus. 

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