Folder Naming

Event and sport shooters may want to look at a new D5 feature: the ability truly rename folders. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a potential workflow solution for many of us shooting somewhat more complex situations.

Basically, besides the usual three digit folder numbers, we now have control over the remaining five alphanumeric characters in a folder name. 

So here’s how I’m thinking of things (and similar to Nikon’s own tip): pre-assign folder names on my card for sections of the event. For a wedding, for instance, I might create CRMNY (ceremony), GROUP (group shots with bride/groom), RECPT (reception) folders, for example. (I’m trying to keep this simple; you could create more.) For a track meet I might create folders for events (100M, HIGHJ, LONGJ, SHOTP, etc.). 

Then, as I move around at the event or meet, I’d simply choose Select Folder From List, then the appropriate pre-named folder, before shooting each new part of the event. 

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