I Need Your Help

I don’t own very many third party lenses (e.g. Tamron, Tokina, or Sigma). Thus, I can’t really test the D500 for autofocus issues with third party lenses. So let’s try to crowd source this a bit.

If you have any third party autofocus lenses and a D500, would you please do the following:

  • Mount the lens on the D500
  • Check that the shutter release triggers and locks focus
  • Check that the AF-On button triggers and locks focus
  • Turn on Live View
  • Check that you can autofocus in Live View

I want reports of both successes and failures. Note that your custom settings can influence this, so be sure to check that you didn’t de-activate the shutter release or AF-On button. Just use the contact form on this site to provide the following information:

  • Lens Manufacturer
  • Focal Length/Aperture
  • Yes/No focuses normally with shutter release
  • Yes/No focuses with AF-On button
  • Yes/No focuses in Live View

As in: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, yes to shutter AF, yes to AF-On, yes to Live View AF

If you’re intrepid and want to venture further, check to see if Automatic Autofocus Fine Tune works for the lens. You can also report any other anomaly you might find (e.g. aperture not reported, or EXIF data missing).

I’ll put up a page with information I receive.

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