More on D500 Cards

The longer we get from launch, the more card failures I’m hearing about, including XQD card failures that look like the reported Lexar UHS-II SD card failure. However, we need to start isolating the variables. 

If you have an XQD failure, make sure that you don’t have an SD card in the camera! While you might assume that your camera settings mean that the SD card isn’t being touched, I’m pretty sure on image review Nikon DSLRs look at both slots. Update: most of the “XQD card failures” went away when the user took out the SD card.

The nexus of the data still suggests only that Lexar UHS-II SD cards of 1000x and 2000x are the failure points. But there’s now just enough anecdotal evidence that it might not be limited to just those cards. I’ve now had two SanDisk UHS-II SD card failures reported. Of course, as I noted, there are variables that need to be eliminated.

First, don’t delete in camera. I’ll tell you why eventually, but let’s get that variable out of the system. Second, if you’re experiencing a failure, isolate to a single card please. Take the card out of the second slot if there’s one there and repeat. Third, if you want to help out, try stress testing the camera: put a screwdrive autofocus lens on the D500, and hold down the AF-On button while turning the power switch to On. I have reports that this triggers the error more consistently, but I don’t have enough evidence to say that this is anything more than coincidence. Fourth, any card that fails in the D500, try it in a different camera and look for failure there if you can.

Update: Nikon released firmware 1.02 to address the UHS-II SD cards causing this problem.

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