Nikon’s Customization Page

Nikon has several pages on using and customizing the D500. These pages do a better job than the manual in terms of explaining some of the new things in the camera. Most of these are variations of the similar D5 pages, which in turn were based on the previous pages Nikon has done for the pro bodies since the D3. 

The one that’s truly new is the description of Flicker Reduction, a feature currently unique to the D500 in Nikon’s lineup (a few recent Canon DSLRs have this feature, too). If you shoot under frequency based lights, you need to seriously consider this feature, otherwise you won’t get consistent color at high shutter speeds.

The autofocus pages also have more “meat” in them than the manual. Definitely worth spending some time with, though you’ll still have to do some experimentation to understand some nuances.

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