Today’s Tidbit

After hours of listening to my D500 go click, click, click, I can now report a new data point. 

Running with PLAYBACK/Image Review set to On (as opposed to Off) will result in about a 14% lower number of shots per charge. 

Why would I be testing this? Because of my hypothesis about maximum power load at any given time being one of the key contributors to the “defective card” problem. What I’m trying to get a handle on is how each of the subsystems in the camera pull and drain power. So I’m trying to measure peak amperage on a component going active as well as the general draw over time. 

The D500’s turning into an interesting case, I think. If all you’re doing is shooting—no image review, no menu setting, etc.—the camera seems very low in power use. You’ll get far higher than the CIPA number for a Li-Ion20 battery in that situation. But I’m coming up with all kinds of scenarios where I can get lower than the CIPA number, too. 

This has ramifications on lots of things, but I’ll just suggest one: Time-lapse Movie. If you’re doing a really long time-lapse sequence, you’re going to want to run multiple batteries (grip), turn off the rear LCD, and maybe even make sure that lens power draws are either low or non-existent. 

Shooting at one frame every 5 seconds, I’m getting worst ever time-lapse lengths out of the D500.

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