So I was trying to figure out why my WR-R10 didn’t work with the D5/SB-5000. Nikon today published a note today that says why: the remote needs a firmware update.

Now for the ugh: the WR-R10 requires a trip to Nikon to update the firmware. Additional ugh: if you get the remote updated, your D810 won’t be able to use it as it’ll freeze the camera. So Nikon will have to release a D810 firmware update next month.

Okay, time for some disciplining: who in their right mind at Nikon is producing consumer products that require firmware updates done only by Nikon? This includes lenses, by the way (remember the 300mm f/4E?). That has to stop. Someone in upper management must issue an edict that says “all firmware needs to be user upgradeable.” Moreover, that’s consistent with Nikon’s cost cutting approach currently in effect. 

I don’t care if that takes another widget to buy (ala Sigma’s USB dock), and I don’t care if that widget has a lens mount, 10-pin connector, USB connector, and MC connector all hanging off it. I as a user need to be in control of my firmware levels, and I don’t want to get into these silly “you can’t do that because one of the things you have isn’t compatible” Catch 22’s again.  

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