EN-15a Battery

So what's the difference between an EN-15 and an EN-15a? For the most part, color. The EN-15a is a gray battery and the EN-15 is a black battery. When you look at the markings/label on both they are virtually identical: 7v, 1900mAh, 14Wh. Some of the text has been expanded in the standards section and there's a new icon symbol for some standards process, but both are labeled Li-ion2 and even the serial number is arranged the same way (YYYYMMDDxx####). 

So, the question becomes this: does the D7500 support third party batteries? Remember, the D500 didn't work with any third party battery when it appeared. At the moment, all of the third party EN-EL15 batteries I have fail in my D7500, while all my old Nikon EN-EL15 batteries work fine. I'm told that B&H now sells a Watson battery that works with the D500, but I don't have a copy of that battery to try with the D7500 at the moment. 

As with all Nikon cameras these days, the battery that ships with the camera is in a near-depleted state (to minimize shipping hazards). You absolutely will have to charge the battery first or put a fully charged EN-EL15 into the camera before fiddling with it. If you attempt to set the language and time/date with the battery as it ships from the factory you're almost certain to lose the time/date, as the internal battery that runs the clock will quickly discharge the EN-EL15a as it tries to charge up.

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