Tamron VIP Program

Owners of four or more Tamron lenses that register them with Tamron are now members of a new VIP program. The basic program (currently US only) includes:

  • A welcome gift
  • Tamron magazine (three issues a year)
  • A bonus rebate on any new Tamron lens
  • A 50% discount on any Tamron event (other than summit)
  • A discount on non-warranty repairs

The program has three levels, with Silver being for 4 lenses, Gold being for 5 lenses, and Platinum being for 6 lenses owned. The Gold level adds a free pass to a Tamron event and an invitation to participate in a VIP contest. The Platinum level adds a t-shirt, LL Bean vest, an extra pass to a Tamron event, lifetime warranty repair, free shipping on repairs, loaners, invitation to a Tamron Workshop Summit, and a chance to b profiled on the Tamron Web site.


  • Silver: US$50
  • Gold: US$75
  • Platinum: US$100

Repair Discounts:

  • Silver: 10%
  • Gold: 15%
  • Platinum: 20%
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