Photokina Odds and Ends

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This is where you'll find commentary about things other than the usual cameras and lenses I cover that were introduced at Photokina 2018. Latest addition on top.

  • Novoflex Lens Adapters — Novoflex has introduced lens adapters for existing DSLR and other lenses to the new Canon RF and Nikon Z lens mounts. In particular, that now means you can adapt Canon FD, Contax/Yashica, Leica M, Leica R, Minolta MD/MC, Minolta Alpha, M42, Novoflex A-mount, Olympus OM, Pentax K, T2, and 39mm screw mount lenses to the RF or Z mount. While the tool is in German, it should be easy enough to understand and use their Adapter Finder widget. Most of the 24 new adapters should be available in November.
  • Tether Tools goes D-Tap — Tether Tools has taken up the D-Tap battery charge (pardon the pun) with a new ONsite power system. This includes a 150Wh D-Tap battery (US$180) that's TSA travel friendly coupled with an Inverter that provides both AC and USB charging (US$90). There's also an option to power the inverter via a car's 12-volt connection and a bracket to mount the system to Tether Tool's table system. First units should ship in November. 
  • Leica S3 Medium Format — This is an update to ten-year-old Leica S2, the 37.5mp small medium format (30x45mm) sensored DSLR Leica introduced back in 2008. Back then it was CCD-based. This time we get a 64mp CMOS sensor, plus the ubiquitous 4K video. Unfortunately, this is another development announcement, which seems to be the theme of much of this year's Photokina press conferences. Leica says the camera will be available in Spring 2019. 
  • Ricoh GRIII — In another story of an egg not yet hatched, Ricoh announced development of the GRIII. The big news here, if it can be said to be big news, is that Ricoh is using a new 24mp sensor with phase detect autofocus that is mounted on an IS stabilizer, plus we get a touchscreen interface. 1080P/60 is the max video setting. The 18.3mm f/2.8 lens has been tweaked for improved image quality and it can focus closer. Plus we now have USB 3.1 Gen 1 for connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi. The published specs seem to indicate the new version will be somewhat smaller, but the only photos available so far show it to be recognizably the same basic GR design. No price or availability (other than "early 2019"). 
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