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Everything old is new again

Welcome to what amounts to bythom.com 3.0. I've been on the Internet pretty much from day one, and have had the bythom.com Web site for well over a decade. Before the HTML side of the Web really developed, I also performed Nikon support on a dedicated newsgroup. In short, I was a pioneer in Nikon support in the wired age, and the depth of information you'll find on this site is a good indicator of that.

As part of making sense of my sprawling Web presence, I’ve now split my work into multiple sites, including ones dedicated to mirrorless cameras (sansmirror.com), older film SLRs (filmbodies.com), and compact cameras and photography gadgets (gearophile.com). 

Don't be fooled by the simple look of this site: it's jam-packed with news, opinions, articles, reviews, information about cameras/lenses/flash/software, and much more. 

That menu bar below the photo of Denali at the top is your guide. If you're on a small mobile or small-screen device, note that all sections are also "containers" with links to help you navigate (e.g. just tap the menu heading itself—or maybe even a sub-menu—and you'll get all the items below it as links on the page that appears (sometimes at the bottom of the page due to other information on that page). With well over a thousand pages on this site, there really isn't a better solution than a menu system: there's a heck of lot to organize here. Just remember that you can always use the site search options, including the sitemap.

Help me improve this site. If you find incorrect or incomplete information, a misspelled word, or even just something that confuses you a bit, be sure to let me know. Just fill out the form on the Contact page and let me know what you found. 

Suggestion: if you want to see the latest news/views every day—e.g. the blog-style posts— you should bookmark the main news/views page instead of this page, or you should just bookmark the www.bythom.com site, which now acts as an index to the other sites. Or use the RRS system on any section that includes one to read those articles in your usual newsreader.

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