You have a D700

  • Like what you've gotReconsider. D810 envy is just that: envy. But the D750 produces better looking images than the D700, all else equal. The real issue with going from D700 to D750 is the trade-off in body controls and quality.
  • Dislike what you've got: consider upgrading. You really only have two logical choices if sticking with FX: the D750 or D810. You get video, improved Live View, a 100% viewfinder, better low light capability (when compared apples to apples), and a lot more pixels either way, though the D750 body quality is lower than you're used to. You'll be buying new batteries, probably upgrading your computer and storage, and you'll need to watch your shot discipline carefully to take advantage of all those pixels. Still, a D750 or D810 is a rational upgrade if you can afford it, and a used D610 or D800/D800E also is a possible choice. 
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