Design Suggestions

Below you'll find user suggestions for future features in Nikon DSLRs, arranged by area. 

The remainder of this page is an accordion: click/tap on the colored topic headers to open and close them:

ISO and Auto ISO

  • Auto ISO on/off assignable to a button (Command dial then changes min shutter speed?) (jb, am) [now implemented via Front command dial on newer DSLRs]
  • Auto ISO shutter speed/focal length dependency (min shutter speed = 1/fl for FX 1/fl*1.5 for DX) (js) [now implemented on newer DSLRs]
  • User cancelable Auto ISO in Manual exposure mode (da)
  • Manual selection of ISO above Auto ISO max should override Auto ISO (da)
  • With Auto ISO make it dependent upon focal length (ad)
  • Dedicated ISO button (or ability to assign it to an assignable button) (rg) [on pro cameras, but user wants on consumer cameras, too]


Clock and Timing

Menu System

Image Review


Exposure and Metering


Buttons and Dials

Live View

Viewfinder and Crop



Communications and Accessories


Sensors and Image Quality


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