EN-EL15 Batteries

With many of Nikon's DSLRs, they use a version of the same battery Nikon has been providing for years. There are four variants of this battery:

  • EN-EL15 — The original battery
  • EN-EL15A — A revised battery to meet more stringent regulatory standards that evolved
  • EN-EL15B — Another revision, that allows for in-camera charging via the USB port (unfortunately, not supported by current DSLRs other than the D780
  • EN-EL15C — Yet another variation of the battery, but with more power (2280mAh versus 1900mAh for the other versions)

I'm comfortable saying that if you have a Nikon-made EN-EL15 of any type it will work in all the Nikon DSLRs that use this battery type (D500, D600, D610, D750, D780, D800, D800E, D810, D810A, D850, and all D7xxx models). Nikon-made EN-EL15B and EN-EL15C batteries can be charged via USB in the D780 camera, but not the others.

What I'm not comfortable in saying is that a knockoff or third-party version of the battery will work. Third-party compatibility seems to be hit or miss, and can change with a Nikon firmware update for a camera. That said, I have found a number of third-party batteries that seem to work fine in Nikon DSLRs, including one brand that is equivalent to the EN-EL15C.

Quite a few chargers exist for the EN-EL15 batteries (and work with all versions, including third party ones). I like the dual battery chargers that have level displays, such as these:

And you'll want something to carry your batteries in (and cards):

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