Zeiss Lenses for Canon and Nikon DSLRs

Carl Zeiss AG is a German company that has been making high precision optics for more than 160 years. Many of the manual focus lenses they make for the Nikon mount have their origins as lenses originally designed for the motion picture industry.

There's not a rotten egg in the Zeiss offerings. Virtually every one of the Zeiss lenses sit atop the optical abilities at their respective focal length. The price you pay for that performance tends to be, well, price. These are not inexpensive lenses, nor are they light and small. Nevertheless, a set of these lenses (say, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 100mm) would be hard to top (though the Voigtlander lenses have to be considered, as they're very close in performance but lower in price, weight, and size).  

Starting in 2014 Zeiss began a rework of their entire lens lineup. The lenses still in production today are Milvus (the basic Distagon, Sonnar, and Planar designs modernized) and Otus (Zeiss’ top end no-holds-barred optical designs). The older lenses are still widely available new, however, and in many cases can be found at lower prices than the Milvus redesigns.

Zeiss Web site

Here are the details on the available Zeiss F-mount land EF-mount lenses (all full frame capable):

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