Nikon D300s Specifications

  • Introduced: 7/30/2009
  • Replacement: D500, January 2016
  • Current Firmware: A1.02 B1.02 (May 2013)
  • Sensor Size: 23.6x15.8mm, DX (~1.53x crop) 
  • Sensor Pixels: 12.3mp
  • Sensor Manufacturer: Sony IMX021-derived
  • Sensor Technology: CMOS
  • Sensor Filtration: Bayer, antialias, microlens 
  • Max Image Size: 4288x2848
  • Other Image Sizes: 3216x2136, 2144x1424 
  • Video: 720P 24 fps stereo sound, also VGA, half VGA
  • ADC Bit Depth: 12 or 14 bit 
  • Raw File Formats: 12 or 14 bit Uncompressed, Lossless compressed, Compressed NEF 
  • Other File Formats: JPEG, TIFF 
  • JPEG, TIFF Rendering: 16-bit rendering, 8-bit output 
  • Auto Rotation: Yes
  • Color Spaces: sRGB, AdobeRGB 
  • Storage: CF Type I only, UDMA support, second SD slot (SD/SDHC)
  • Max Write Speed: 35MB/sec+
  • Max Buffer Size: 99 JPEG @ 7 fps, 19 12-bit NEF @ 7 or 8 fps 
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 HIGH 
  • TV Support: NTSC and PAL, HDMI 
  • Lens Support (w/metering): all AF, AI-P, AI and AI-S 
  • Autofocus Module: CAM3500DX (51 sensor, 15 crosshatch) 
  • Shutter Lag: 45ms (100ms blackout), 85ms in 14-bit NEF 
  • Autofocus Modes:Single, Dynamic (9, 21, 51 pt, and 3D tracking), Automatic Area 
  • AF Assist: Yes (white lamp)
  • Metering: 1005-pixel Color matrix with shape/scene recognition, centerweight (variable), spot 
  • Exposure Modes: PSAM
  • Exposure Compensation: +/- 5 stops, 1/3, 1/2, 1 stop
  • Exposure Bracketing: Yes, 2-9 frames (no dedicated bracketing button)
  • ISO: 200-3200, LO1, HI1, AUTO 
  • White Balance: Auto, bracketed, custom (3), 6 predefined with fine tuning, direct Kelvin, two axis tuning  
  • Image Settings: Picture Controls, Sharpening, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue
  • Color LCD: 3" TFT, 920,000 dots, 170 degree 
  • Image Review: Histogram (RGB), Histogram, Focus Pt, Highlights
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 7 fps, 8 fps w/ vertical grip, 2.5 fps w/ 14-bit NEFs 
  • Shutter Speeds: 30s to 1/8000, bulb, 150k rated 
  • Mirror Lockup: Delay, M-UP 
  • Viewfinder: Pentaprism, 100%, 0.94x magnification, 19.5mm eyepoint, -2 to +1 diopters, opt gridlines 
  • Optional Viewfinder Accessories: DR-6 right angle, -5 to +3 diopter corrections, DK-21M magnifier 
  • Optional Focus Screens: Katz Eye , Hoada
  • Menus: Playback, Shooting, Custom Settings, Setup, Retouch, MyMenu
  • Flash Sync Speed: 1/250, 1/320 with reduced power internal flash, TTL FP support for external flash
  • Flash Type: supports I-TTL, M, Double Commander
  • Internal Flash: Yes GN 42ft 13m (ISO 100) 
  • PC Sync: Yes
  • Flash Compensation: -3 to +1EV 
  • Flash Options: Red Eye, Slow Sync, Rear Sync, Flash Lock, Three Group Commander Mode 
  • DOF Preview: Yes
  • Optional Remote Control: 10-pin remotes supported, WR-R10/WR-T10 with WR-A10
  • Size: 5.8x4.4x2.9" (147x113x74mm)
  • Weight w/o battery: 29 ounces (825g)
  • Battery: EN-EL3e
  • Optional AC Adapter: EH-5a
  • Other Significant: Self-cleaning sensor, Active D-Lighting, autofocus calibration, PictBridge, Optional MB-D10 vertical release and battery pack (now magnesium backed, and supports EN-EL3e or EN-EL4), live view with autofocus, FUNC button, wireless transfer option (WT-4), multiple exposure, interval shooting, FUNC button, 4 shooting banks, 4 custom banks, GPS support, external stereo mic support, quiet shooting mode, edit HD movies
  • Software: ViewNX, supports Image Authentication
  • Price at Introduction: US$1700

Thom's Full Review of the D300 and D300s

Have a D300 or D300s? Get Thom's D300/D300s eBook and find out all there is to know about it! (not currently available)

Thom's quick takes:

  • Near state of the art 12mp DX camera
  • Sensor now a bit outdated
  • High build quality
  • High frame rate and performance
  • Video not fully fleshed out
  • Highest ISO values a stretch
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