Current Nikon DSLR Reviews

This is where you'll find my reviews of the current Nikon DSLR models. 

As cameras get replaced by newer models, these reviews move to the Older DSLR Review section, so if you don't see a camera listed here, look in that other section. Nikon sometimes has excess inventory of older cameras that linger on shelves even when new models appear, so it looks like those are current models, but they're no longer manufactured. 

Current Nikon DSLRs I've reviewed:

Some other recent Nikon DSLRs:

Thom's Current Nikon DSLR Ratings 

(1 being terrible, 3 being average, 5 being phenomenal). Remember, average should be just that when considering all the products it is up against; three stars is not a bad rating. (Check the modification date at the bottom of the page to see when these were last updated.)

bythom dslr ratings

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